Where do we differ from our rivals ?

There is no burden on you to analyze data. We will give you valuable insight relating your market. During that, you can enjoy the other important things in your life.

There is almost infinite support and quick solutions while facing problem.

The most basic assumption of trade is predicting rival's move. Do not predict anymore. Be partner of Datapare.

Our rivals want you to do a matching process that lasts many weeks and causes losing of labour force, but wait... There is a business hero. Datapare. We use a special watching system that saves your time.

Did someone mention increasing productivity? Stop there. Find us. Because we help our partners compete effectively and smartly by putting pricing, product, stock status and offer information about the competition at their fingertips, on a real-time basis.



Automated Product Match
You don't need to import your products and competitor links. We find them for you and match them with our scientific methods.
Near Realtime Information
Everyday we crawl and gather the relevant information about your competitors' offerings and present them for your use.
Instant Automated Competitor Detection
If a seller starts to sell your product or products, we detect and inform you instantly.
Notification About Competitors
If your competitor adds a new product or is out of stock regarding a relevant product, we inform you immediately.
Historical Price Change
When you select a product of yours, you can see the historical price changes of all your competitors' products in the same field.
More Features
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