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Stay one step ahead of your competitors by monitoring them with Datapare.

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Let us save your money, energy and effort.

Datapare offers you comparison tools that can boost your efficiency by tracking websites and prices.

Company Tracker

Competition Analysis Tool for your business and your team. By tracking the website changes, having a glance of campaign performance and knowing the position of your competitors, you are ready to boost your revenue and market share.


  • Watch Your Competitors
  • Social Media Updates
  • Observe a Website's Specific Section

Price Tracker

Price Tracker is a monitoring tool designed to catch price discounts for any product on any e-commerce website. Its effectiveness comes from its simplicity. Since Datapare Price Tracker is a extension you can start the track whenever/wherever you want.


  • Know About Discounts
  • Exact Old and Recent Prices
  • Simple Usage

Start Tracking With Datapare Now

You won’t be unaware of the changes anymore. With our products, keeping track of changes has never been easier.

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