Discover what your competitors are up to

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Smart Competition Analytics Platform.


Follow market trends, collect insights about your competitors and protect your business with Competition Analytics Solution: Discover

Every day, millions of product and price changes take place on your competitors’ side. Trends also change quickly in the retail sector. How can you see everything that happens in your market, the moment it happens?

Yes we know, that it is almost impossible to track all changes manually and without any errors. Therefore, Discover tracks your competitors for you and automatically gives insights.

Right product. Right price. Right time

Discover collects and analyzes your competitors’ product changes and trends then shows them to you in a visual format.  Improve the revenue of your business by making better, faster merchandising decisions with the help of Discover.

Make Better and Faster Decisons

Discover tracks your competitors for you and automatically gives you product changes, pricing points and seasonal habits. Be aware of the trends, build and maintain an assortment that appeals to your customers every season.


  • Product changes
  • Pricing points
  • Seasonal habits
  • Product gap between you and your competitor

Find the Product Gap

Your custom dashboard will show you the gap you have between your business and competitors. Find the products that your assortment lacks.

Everything on Your Radar

You can see what your competitors have based on gender, color or product category to have an overview of the market and act accordingly.

Datapare Helps You

Increase Your Market Share With Data-Driven Decisions.