Define the right product, right price and the right time

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Smart Competition Analytics Platform.


Following the products you have in common with your competitiors can be daunting. It’s impossible to track all price and stock information manually. Benchmark tracks your competitors products in terms of price, stock etc. Benchmark makes product based price comparison for you and prevents your market share loss in the case of your competitors’ price cutting by informing you immediately.

Define the Best Price, Boost your Profitability

We are aware of the massive amount of time you need to track and monitor all your competitors’ prices and stocks. With hundreds of products and competitors, it’s not that easy. Datapare gathers the data automatically and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Save Time with Automatic Price & Product Tracking

You can stay competitive thanks to Datapare. We start tracking the products you select and send you regular notifications and instant alerts regarding the price and stock availability so that you can adjut your prices for more profitability. Right pricing decisions at the right time


  • Price based comparison
  • Price positioning
  • Price intelligence
  • Price suggestion (soon)

Fast and Easy Setup

No technical integrations needed. You can start using your account in a few minutes, You will have instant access to a user-friendly dashboard inspired by your needs.

Everything on Your Radar

Monitor the details of all the products you add regarding the price and stock availability. We send regular notifications and instant alerts in case there is a sudden change in the market so that you can adjust your price without any loss.

Stay Competitive

Simply start adding your products to your Dashboard and let us do the work! Now you can define the right price for your products with the competitive data you have.

Datapare Helps You

Increase Your Market Share With Data-Driven Decisions.